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Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Holiday Time!


With holiday time fast approaching, we know that your back is the last thing you want to be worrying about whilst you are away; which is precisely the reason why you should do your best to protect it.

This week’s advice will be short and sweet so that you can get out there into the sunshine!


Sitting in one position on a plane or in a car can play havoc with your spinal health, as well as increase your risk of clots developing in your legs. Make sure that you change position frequently, ideally every 20 minutes. Wiggle those feet and go for a short walk as often as possible!


No one wants to start a holiday with back pain from lugging around luggage! Remember to bend from your knees, use trolleys wherever you can and ask for help if you can’t manage! A few coins to tip someone are more than worth it if it helps avoid an injury.


Often our holidays provide a great opportunity to get in the pool. Swimming is an excellent activity for back pain; it is gentle, low impact and easy on the joints. Swimming a few lengths, or walking up and down in the pool can loosen those tight muscles and helps build core strength. And, just maybe… you could carry on swimming when you come home?

Stay hydrated

The discs in your spine are your built-in suspension and are vital to a healthy spine. They are made up of 80% water and when they become dehydrated they are less efficient and more prone to injury. Regularly sipping on water during time in the sun can keep you and your spine in top condition.

Don’t forget your rehab exercises

It is all too easy to forget your stretches and exercises when you’re in paradise. Taking a printed copy to remind you to do them can help, or even better, we can email them to you for a copy on your smart phone!

Try something new

These days many hotels offer yoga, pilates or aqua aerobics classes; all things which get a big thumbs up from Cedar Tree Chiropractic. As long as your chosen activity is tailored to your ability, a new gentle activity will help your spine and most likely put a smile on your face.