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Back to Basics - Posture

They say that a picture paints a thousand words… and these pictures really do live up to that promise. Peter’s chiropractic journey truly is jaw-dropping. But let’s take a few steps back and explore what actually happened.

When we first met Peter, as shown in the first picture, he had what is called a severe upper-crossed posture. His head was pushed forward and his shoulders were rounded. This meant that he was in constant discomfort, with small everyday tasks becoming increasingly difficult and painful. As a keen golfer Peter could hardly look forward let alone swing a club - playing was impossible.

Upper-crossed posture is the body’s way of adapting to prolonged incorrect positioning of the spine. Ill health, long term spinal pain and ageing can all lead to this postural change which, over time, puts more pressure on the spine and worsens the problem. It is a painful, vicious cycle which can be disabling.

Luckily for us, Peter began his journey with incredible levels of determination, patience and realistic expectations. He was an ideal patient and was excited to get started.

Firstly, chiropractor Ben began by working on specific muscles which had caused this postural change.

Commonly in people with upper-crossed posture the muscles under the chin and in the mid / lower back regions weaken. This is accompanied by tight chest, shoulder and upper neck musculature.

Without releasing these tight muscles and strengthening areas of weakness any improvements to Peter’s spinal alignment would be quickly undone - the tight muscles would overpower the weaker ones and pull the spine back into its incorrect position.

Peter also committed to his daily rehabilitation programme. This was a specific group of exercises we assembled to strengthen / loosen specific muscle groups which were exacerbating the problem.

Next on the agenda were the chiropractic adjustments which would give us the long term postural changes we so desperately needed. We focussed on Peter’s mid-back and neck. We adjusted a number of these vertebrae to help guide them into a healthier position.

Over time, Peter’s spine adapted to our treatment, allowing him to stand straighter, move his neck a lot more comfortably and return back to normal life. His postural imbalances had reversed!

Peter is living testament to the incredible way in which the body can respond to a healthier environment. Whether this be physically through postural change and exercise, chemically through better nutrition or emotionally through stress relief.

We all are capable of change.

Thank you Peter for allowing us to share your story. It's been a pleasure working alongside you.

P.s. Peter returned back to golf last month. A little rusty but getting there!

Peter North Postural Changes.png
Ben Roberts