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About Sports Taping


INTRODUCTION TO sports taping...

If you have ever watched elite athletes you may have noticed that many have brightly coloured tape adhered to their bodies, often on their knees or elbows. This is professional sports tape, but can also be used for people who aren’t athletes!

Contrary to popular belief, the tape is not there to stabilise the joint. Instead, it is applied to help the person recognise any abnormal postures or movements of the joint.

For example, let’s suppose that a patient is suffering with knee pain. If the knee is functioning incorrectly its only a matter of time until symptoms begin. If taped correctly, any abnormal movement of the knee will result in a slight pull form the tape – allowing the patient to alter their movement pattern accordingly.

Another example may be a desk worker who finds it difficult to maintain a good posture throughout the day. By taping specific areas, if the individual begins to ‘slump’ the feedback through stretching of the tape is a fantastic way to ensure they keep upright.

In other words, tape acts as a reminder for the correct position for all joints and postures. This can aid recovery by preventing joints being placed in positions of excess stress.